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Compare quotes on: Dual mass flywheel repair and replacement - Save on avg. 28%

What is a dual mass flywheel?

A dual mass flywheel is a construction that helps create quieter idling in the engine. At the same time, the flywheel must connect the engine crankshaft to the clutch.
A different type of flywheel used to be used: a solid plate which lasted for the car's entire service life. But with the 'new' two-part flywheel, which has gained ground over the past 10–12 years, more car owners are experiencing limited durability.
The dual mass flywheel, as it is called, simply breaks itself. This is partly because the dual mass flywheel is not a solid plate, but a two-part mechanical unit.
If a fault occurs in the flywheel and is not fixed or replaced in time, in the worst case it can lead to a defective gearbox where the gear and the bearings are ruined, requiring replacement of the entire gearbox.
Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for symptoms of a defective flywheel.

Dual mass flywheel repair and replacement autobutler

How to detect faults with the dual mass flywheel

If you notice strange noises from the clutch housing, which is located between the engine and the gearbox, or if the idle speed is uneven, this may be a sign that the dual mass flywheel is worn.
A worn dual mass flywheel can also be detected by the presence of vibrations from the engine and noticeable vibrations in the car while driving.
If the dual mass flywheel is old and worn, there is a risk that the cogs will break. This will cause irregularities while driving.
Keep an eye out for these four signs of a worn dual mass flywheel:

  • A smoke-like or burnt smell coming from the front of the car
  • Unevenness and vibrations when the car is idling
  • Tight gear shift
  • Strange noises when changing gears

If there are also noises from the engine which disappear when the clutch is depressed, or vibrations when accelerating in the lower gears, this is a sign that the car needs to be taken to the garage to see if there is something wrong with the dual mass flywheel.

Extend the life of the flywheel

Problems with the dual mass flywheel most often occur due to driving style.
If you drive with manual transmission, avoid grinding the clutch. This way, you extend the life of the dual mass flywheel.
If the car has a built-in gearshift indicator, this is controlled from a fuel efficiency point of view. The parameters are not always completely appropriate in relation to taking care of the gearbox and flywheel, so you might want to avoid observing the gearshift indicator and shift gears according to the sound of the engine revs.
In other words – if you often drive at a low level of revolutions per minute, this wears the dual mass flywheel. You should let the car utilise each gear a little more, achieving higher engine speeds.
If the flywheel has been damaged, you might be lucky and a replacement might be covered by the factory warranty. Otherwise, you can expect a replacement flywheel and clutch to add up to a high garage bill.

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Compare quotes on: Dual mass flywheel repair and replacement - Save on avg. 28%

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Compare quotes on: Dual mass flywheel repair and replacement - Save on avg. 28%

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