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Compare quotes on: Turbocharger repair - Save on avg. 30%

What is a turbo and how does a turbo work?

Most newer cars have a turbocharger - or just a turbo - built into the engine straight from the factory. But many car owners have also chosen to get a car turbo installed subsequently.

The turbo takes in air from the car's cooling system and presses the air through the engine, resulting in a faster, higher and better combustion.

Of course this gives a nice driving experience, where the car can perform at a higher speed, but the turbo can - like many other car components - also become overloaded and defective.

What are the turbo failure symptoms and what causes a turbo failure?

If dirt or filth gets in the way of the turbocharger's compressor, it cannot run at an optimal level. The same goes for oil shortage or pollution, which you might be able to detect as signs of a turbo failure.

But it can also happen that the turbo becomes overheated. When it gets too hot, the metal in the turbocharger becomes porous and is at risk of being skewed. A crooked turbine does not function nearly as well as an intact one.

So how do you diagnose a turbo failure? You can hear when the turbo does not run optimally if, for example, a whistle sound occurs when you release the accelerator.

Loss of traction is also a natural consequence of a faulty turbocharger.

What is the turbo reconditioning cost - or do you need a full repair?

The best thing, is to get the mechanic to take a look at what's wrong with your turbo in the first place. There may be several different components in your turbocharger that require attention.

There is also a big difference in the price, depending on the car brand, age, whether the car is tuned or had a turbo from the factory as well as what repair the car requires.

The price also differs between a turbo reconditioning or a full repair. The price further increases if you have to replace the turbo completely.

Therefore, we suggest that you request quotes on autobutler.co.uk to get an overview of what you need and what it costs at garages near you.

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Compare quotes on: Turbocharger repair - Save on avg. 30%

Average cost on engine work

Below you can see the cost for general engine work on selected car brands. Book your turbo job at the mechanic straight away here:

Make Avg. price Min - max
Audi £ 505 £ 66 - £ 828 Get quotes
Citroën £ 613 £ 180 - £ 1,118 Get quotes
Ford £ 369 £ 74 - £ 1,026 Get quotes
Land Rover £ 580 £ 84 - £ 1,556 Get quotes
Peugeot £ 463 £ 59 - £ 1,125 Get quotes
Renault £ 544 £ 75 - £ 1,099 Get quotes
Skoda £ 376 £ 75 - £ 728 Get quotes
Toyota £ 124 £ 36 - £ 332 Get quotes
Vauxhall £ 408 £ 75 - £ 895 Get quotes
Volkswagen £ 258 £ 72 - £ 619 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via autobutler.co.uk, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

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Compare quotes on: Turbocharger repair - Save on avg. 30%

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