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Compare quotes on: Muffler repair and replacement - Save on avg. 26%

change car muffler

How does a muffler work?

The muffler is located on the rear part of the car's exhaust system, and its purpose is to reduce the noise that the engine makes. The muffler is made of steel and aluminium, which makes it resistant to high temperatures.

When the exhaust gas is released, it produces vibrations and sound waves which will generate the noise.

Inside the muffler, there are perforated pipes which will slow the flow of exhaust gases. The exhaust gases will pass through these pipes, changing direction several times, and finally leave through the exhaust. The perforated pipes are made in a soundproof material which will help to reduce the sound provoked by the passage of gases.

On some mufflers, the pipes are straight and composed of steel wool and fibreglass isolator, which will make the sound wave heat up. Then, the sound energy will be converted into heat, while the exhaust gas will pass straight through the muffler.

Is the muffler damaged?

There are several ways to know if your car muffler is damaged.

  • The exhaust system has an abnormally high noise, especially when you speed up.
  • You notice an unusual increase in the gas consumption.
  • You hear metal clicks; this may be due to a problem from the perforated pipes.
  • If you visually check the muffler, you notice rust and holes.
  • You notice excessive condensation on the muffler, which may indicate wear.

In the event of a defective muffler, it will be necessary to have it changed quickly by driving your car to a mechanic.

How to replace a muffler?

Some car owners are handy enough to be able to change their car's exhaust muffler themselves. However, if you don’t have a minimum of mechanical knowledge, this operation can be complicated. We recommend that you let a mechanic do the replacement.

Before changing the muffler, you need to let the car cool down to avoid any risk of burns. Then, raise the car (check that the handbrake is on).

Dismount the muffler from the exhaust centre section of the car; to do so, loosen the screws on the silencer collar. You can then remove the muffler. In case of rust, you can use a rust release penetrant spray. Mount the new muffler, and place it by using the new screws. Make sure to tighten all the parts.

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Compare quotes on: Muffler repair and replacement - Save on avg. 26%

Average cost on exhaust work

Below you can see the cost for general exhaust work on selected car brands. Book time for a lambda sensor repair or change at the mechanic here:

Make Avg. price Min - max
Citroën £ 186 £ 69 - £ 427 Get quotes
Fiat £ 130 £ 78 - £ 232 Get quotes
Ford £ 171 £ 104 - £ 324 Get quotes
Honda £ 179 £ 70 - £ 331 Get quotes
Nissan £ 332 £ 128 - £ 590 Get quotes
Peugeot £ 281 £ 96 - £ 775 Get quotes
Toyota £ 283 £ 114 - £ 839 Get quotes
Vauxhall £ 161 £ 102 - £ 276 Get quotes
Volkswagen £ 269 £ 114 - £ 548 Get quotes
Volvo £ 411 £ 176 - £ 650 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

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Compare quotes on: Muffler repair and replacement - Save on avg. 26%

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