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over 1 year ago
Clutch ,  Audi A4 2001
over 2 years ago
Clutch ,  Toyota Celica 2002
Absolutely brilliant garage, car is now fine! Great service & great price, thank you!

At The Gearbox Centre in Kent, we do not carry out unnecessary work, Whether your vehicle has a 6-Speed or 5-Speed transmission our expert gearbox technicians will carry out state of the art diagnostic tests, this will establish the fault with your manual transmisssion, if there is any.

As specialists in gearbox repair and service, we strive to give excellect customer service and pride ourself on our high levels of workmanship. Any manual reconditioned gearbox that we provide will come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty (depending on which one comes first).

We manage the whole lifecycle of your gearbox repair, from the removal of the gearbox right the way through to the fitting.

We build to a standard, not a price.

A clutch is located between the engine and gearbox.

The clutch to many of us is just a pedal we press when we wish to change gear, however the clutch is a vitally important mechanical feature that acts as a linkage from the engine to the transmission.

The flywheel on the vehicle (or in some cases the dual mass flywheel D.M.F.) is connected to the engine and rotates, connected to the flywheel is the clutch cover. Within the clutch cover you have the clutch disc, pressure plate & diaphragm spring. When you press your foot onto the pedal to change gear you move the thrust bearing. If you have an issue with your thrust bearing it will make a noise when the clutch pedal is up but when you press the clutch down the noise will stop.

Can you smell burning from your clutch? If so then it may be caused by whats called “riding the clutch” this comes from the clutch pedal being pressed down along with the accelerator, depending on how vigorously you are accelerating will depend on how badly you damage your clutch.