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What is a slave cylinder?

In a car, the gearbox, clutch and engine are connected, and what is called the differential ensures that the power from the engine is transferred to the car's wheels.
The clutch bridges the engine and the transmission (gearbox), and the gearbox helps transmit rotating motion from one shaft to another.
When you change gears, the moving parts of the drive shaft are disengaged. This happens when the clutch pedal is depressed, making it possible to shift from one gear to another.
During this process, the clutch slave cylinder works with the clutch master cylinder to release the clutch.

Slave cylinder replacement

How to detect faults or wear on the clutch slave cylinder

Each time the gear is changed, the clutch slave cylinder is worn a little. Over time, moisture and dirt can enter the system, because this wear involves the system becoming leaky.
Here are three examples of symptoms of a defective slave cylinder.

1. The clutch pedal feels abnormal
A potential problem can be detected by the clutch pedal feeling abnormal. In the event of wear, a leak can occur in the slave cylinder, and the result of this is that the clutch pedal feels unnatural to depress. The pedal may even drop all the way to the bottom, not returning to the starting point when the foot is moved. At the same time, you may find that it can be difficult to change gears.

2. Low levels of brake fluid or contaminated brake fluid
Another problem with the slave cylinder may be a low level of brake fluid, or even contaminated fluid being detected in the reservoir. A low level of fluid may be caused by leaks in the system around the slave or master cylinders. The rubber gaskets inside the slave cylinder may have degraded over time, causing contamination of the brake fluid. Contaminated brake fluid will typically look dark and not be the clear fluid that was originally poured into the system.

3. Leaks are seen on the floor or engine compartment
If there are visible signs of leaks, either in the engine compartment or on the floor inside the cabin, this may be a sign of a defective clutch slave cylinder. If leaks occur, the liquid will drip, leaving traces on the floor or in the engine compartment. If the leak is large, the driver will also be able to feel it, as the clutch pedal will not feel right.

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Compare quotes on: Slave cylinder replacement - Save on avg. 28%

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Compare quotes on: Slave cylinder replacement - Save on avg. 28%

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