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Learn what the oil filter does

What is an Oil Filter and What Does it Do?

29 April 2015, 16:37

An oil filter pretty much does what it says on the tin: it is the part of your car’s engine which filters the oil. It is a device which is typically about the size of a tin of baked beans which is absolutely crucial to the smooth running of your engine.

The filter’s job is to remove all impurities or contaminating bodies from your engine oil. If little specks of hard substances get into the oil stream then they can rub up and down against vital pieces of machinery and can wear them out much faster. If one of these specks of dirt or tiny chips of stone, for example, is big enough, it can get lodged in part of your engine and stop a piston from moving or a valve from closing. This could have serious consequences...

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Learn what the oil does for your car

This is How the Oil Works

29 April 2015, 15:54

The basic function of motor oil is to lubricate the moving components of the engine. Proper lubrication allows all of the different engine parts to move past each other without generating too much friction. If friction were allowed to build up then it would slow down the running of the engine dramatically. It would also generate a lot of heat which could cause a significant amount of damage to vital engine components.

The motor oil works with the antifreeze in the radiator of your car to ensure that the engine does not overheat. By reducing the amount of friction generated by moving parts, the heat is spread out throughout the engine as a whole, r...

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Wheel alignment is also known as tracking or braking

What is Wheel Alignment?

21 April 2015, 10:47

Wheel alignment is also known as tracking or braking and it is the process carried out to ensure that a vehicle’s wheels are fixed into their optimum position according to their manufacturer’s specifications.

This process is provided to ensure that the tread on each wheel wears down at the same rate as the other wheels. In addition to this beneficial quick-fix, wheel alignment also improves fuel consumption as a result of reduced rolling resistance caused by unevenly worn down tyres.

An alteration in wheel alignment can easily occur in scenarios such as hitting a kerb, driving over a pothole in the road or even just due to the wear res...

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Learn what the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System does

What is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

21 April 2015, 10:45

To counter the rates of traffic accident occurrences, the leading tyre manufacturers carried out a vital piece of research that founded the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The results from their study purported that up to 90% of all vehicles on the roads of Britain did not have the correct tyre pressure levels in their tyres. This lack of pressure can cause the tyres to wear down faster, increase the amount of fuel consumed and lead to traffic accidents.

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Learn what a fan belt is

What you need to know about the Fan Belt

27 March 2015, 14:22

The fan belt is a flexible synthetic rubber band which connects various engine components together.

It has a long series of teeth running along the inner surface of the belt which generate traction, allowing it to grip to the shafts it connects and keeping it from slipping off at any point. The fan belt is used to transfer rotational power from one place to another in the engine.

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