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VW/Volkswagen - oil change

Volkswagen Oil Change Price Estimate

18 September 2015, 09:09

If your Volkswagen vehicle requires an oil change then the price estimator at Autobutler lists the recent average prices paid for oil changes on Volkswagen’s recently undertaken at Autobutler.

Founded in Germany in 1937, Volkswagen have now grown to be the largest automobile producer in the world with global sales of almost 10 million vehicles in 2013.

Their much-loved Beetle model was manufactured for over 60 years, selling over 21 million vehicles over that time and in recent years, their Golf model was named the World Car of the Year Award in 2013.

Oil plays a critical role in ensuring that the engine in your Volkswagen vehicle works to its best capability.


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VW - get your brakes replaced

Volkswagen Brakes Price Estimate

18 August 2015, 12:04

You cannot drive your car safely without a fully functioning braking system. It is therefore vital to keep on top of your brake maintenance at all times. This will require you to have your brakes fully serviced on a regular basis, but this does not have to cost you the earth. Autobutler can help you by giving you access to 3 different quotes for your VW brakes price. All quotes will be from garages in your local area to ensure that you get the best deal when it comes to looking after your brakes.

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Getting your Volkswagen serviced

Volkswagen Service Price Estimate

11 August 2015, 15:13

Included in the Volkswagen service price is access to expert knowledge about the problems which might be common in your particular car and ways to prevent those problems from occurring or becoming worse. The parts used in all services are official VW parts and all of them are protected by a two-year parts and labour warranty. VW has a special 9-point promise which it guarantees for all services carried out at official dealerships. This 9-point promise includes services which are not offered by other car manufacturers. For example, VW promises to include the cost of fitting replacement exterior bulbs and new wiper blades in the original Volkswagen service price, with no additional c…

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